Given these uncertain times of COVID-19, the designers of SMASK set out to create a face covering that provides
the utmost safety, supreme comfort and allows you to express yourself with fashionable styles and prints.
Whether it be running daily errands, working out or hanging out with friends,
our mandate is to ensure you are covered in a SMART.SAFE. SECURE and STYLISH way.


PLAYCOOL Tech is a specialized, proprietary fabric technology infused in SMASK to enhance the level of comfort for the user without negatively impacting the safety. On the outer most layer of the SMASK, PLACYOOL Tech provides splash resistance preventing particles from entering through the SMASK. For the inner most layer, PLAYCOOL Tech helps wick away moisture and enhance airflow allowing the user to breathe easier and stay dry for extended period of use

Each SMASK is designed

  • with 5 layers of protection combined to prevent the spread of particles including dust, pollen etc
  • with PLAYCOOL Tech - an innovative fabric technology that improves splash resistance and wicks away moisture, helping keep the user dry and comfortable
  • to improve airflow and ensure a breathable, comfortable experience no matter the conditions or activity
  • with an ergonomically designed nose and chin notch that provides a precise, secure fit and soft, stretchable ear loops
  • to be REUSABLE! No more disposable masks or filters; just wash and reuse
  • Plenty of Colors and Prints

    Everyone has their own personal style and we respect that! SMASK has been developed in a variety of prints and colors to match any fit

    Stylish Prints

    Latest on-trend prints!


    Featured in Black Mesh for use during physical activity

    Solid Colorways

    You are sure to find a color you like!
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